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    Throughout the past two decades, we have improved the efficiency of businesses by creating Integrated IT Solutions that fit their needs. View more →



Providing Technology Solutions, with the future in mind…Today and Always!

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SolVast is a business solutions company that focuses on small to medium-sized businesses in the local area. Our Integrated IT Solutions provides your business with the latest technology and tools to successfully meet business goals and objectives more efficiently.


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SolVast Core Services


  • IT Infrastruture Design and Configuration

    We start with a complete site visit and assessment. First understanding how your business works, then we get to work on finding the solutions.

  • Business VOIP Services

    The world has evolved, so should your phone service.  We can help improve your phone technology and lower your costs.  Learn about SolVast VoIP Services. Save Now!

  • IP Based Surveillance and Access Control

    Analog Cameras are a thing of the past.  Experience the most powerful, flexible, and cost effective camera surveillance solutions.  Get a demo from SolVast. 

  • Integrated Network Security

    How secure your network is equates to how secure your business is.  Let SolVast assess your network readiness for both HIPAA and PCI Compliance.





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… and make the right partnerships.




"Finding the right technology partner in a world overflowing with technology solution providers can be a daunting task.  It takes more then know-how. It takes passion... to find the right solution, for the right client, at the right time.  We have that passion!"

Saul, Client Relations

"I love solving problems for our customers.  Understanding their needs fully before coming up with the solution is like helping someone find their way when they are lost.  There are multiple ways to get someone home, but only one best way.  At SolVast, we strive to always find the best way."

Marcin, Client Relations

"Understanding technology takes time and experience, without it people make decisions that are not always the right choice.  Because of the time I have spent in IT, I know that what I learned over the years needs to be applied to make the right choices.  I enjoy having this perspective."

Stan, Technology Solutions

"Just as Technology is from the start to the finish, it is also from the front to the back.  I emphasize that our back office should also be as tech savvy as the front.  That is why we put so much emphasis on our Client Portal.  Give us your feedback on it."

Zia, Finance








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